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"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong." --- Richard P. Feynman.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

I tire of media cliches

ESPN's complaint of "too many bowls" is like the newspapers that editorialize against Thanksgiving shopping, while accepting their ads and sending their carriers to deliver papers on Thanksgiving.

Former intelligence chief on Islamic State's rise: "We were not paying attention"


It sits besides that doctor you could keep, the $2,500 drop in premiums, and a racial healing in the pile of B.S. that  turned out to be the opposite of what Barack Obama said they would be.

Mike Flynn, retired head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and former assistant director of national intelligence under President Obama, told Der Spiegel why the Islamic State rose on Obama's watch,

Monday, November 30, 2015

What next, father and daughter dresses for the Jenners?

From the Daily Mail: "Green with envy! Kylie Jenner and Caitlyn both show off new hairdos in matching white outfits at lip color launch… and Kris joins in too."

Tweet of the day

State Department releases email outlining Hillary's achievements

Pirelli calendar? No thanks; I'm good

After years of taking crap from feministas for running pictures of beautiful naked women, Pirelli Tires decided to go another direction. Photos of Serena Williams, Amy Schumer and Yao Chen in skimpy attire will adorn the pages, according to the Daily Mail.

Hmm. So they are still objectifying women only a different group this time. Meanwhile, male models -- who make 50 cents on the dollar female models earn -- go jobless.

Another lefty lose/lose situation.

Statement Obama never made on Colorado shootings

Robert Lewis Dear, 57, ducked into a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and in a standoff with police killed three people and wounded six others.

In response to the incident, President Obama warned the American people to be calm, not to jump to conclusions, and to let law enforcement officers determine whatever motive Dear had. Obama said if indeed it is an abortion protest, it is by a man who is trying to hijack the anti-abortion movement. Obama said the vast majority of abortion critics are peaceful, God-fearing, and horrified by any loss of life.

Then I woke from my nap, and realized I was just dreaming.

In typical environmental reporting, media got the bee apocalypse backward

When it comes to environmental reporting, just remember journalism is pursued by people who cannot do science. Journalists are gamed repeatedly by government bureaucrats, airy academics, and each other. Pack journalism is worse than any liberal bias. I am trying to think of another industry where peer approval is more important than sales.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

A question for a pro-abortion tweeter

Tweet of the day

Declare West Virginia a sanctuary state for carbon dioxide

Cities across the land can ignore federal immigration laws by declaring themselves sanctuary cities.

West Virginia should do the same and declare itself a sanctuary state for carbon dioxide.

If abortion is a right, why can't CNN say the word?

The police have yet to disclose the motive of Robert Lewis Dear, 57, who shot and killed University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Police Officer Garrett Swasey, and two other people, as well as wounding six others, is unknown.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015

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Tweet of the day

The result of election a "community organizer" as president.

Where Donald Trump got his super powers

(Graphic via Thorney Lieberman.)

Scott Adams, creator of "Dilbert," this summer predicted Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination, and win the presidency in a landslide. Adams based that on reading Trump's seven books. Adams has an MBA in economics and management from the University of California, Berkeley, which indicates he knows a little bit about marketing and organization. Adams differs from the Beltway Boys not only by education and location, but in viewing politics. They see it in two dimensions; he sees it in three, noting: "The third dimension is emotion and persuasion, not reason."

Six actors who aged horribly

You have seen the advertisements for listicles of "Actors who aged horribly." I always wonder what the compiler looks like. Well, everyone knows what I look like, so here is my listicle of actors who went from good-looking to ugly. Includes Carrie Fisher.

1. John Hurt.

He no longer is a man, he is an animal.

2. Eric Stoltz.